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Turkish Pizzas

Marmara's unique style


Turkish Bread - Turk Pidesi

30. Traditional Mince Pide - Kiymali Pide / Lahmacun
Lean lamb & beef mince seasoned & mixed with finely diced tomato, red capsicum, onion and finished with a rocket salsa & lemon wedges
31. Feta & Egg Pide - Peynirli Pide
Grated Turkish feta cheese, parsley on a thin pastry and egg (free range)
32. Turkish Pepperoni & Egg Pide - Sucuklu Pide
Slices of Turkish traditional beef pepperoni & egg (free range)
33. Spinach and Feta Pide - Ispanakli Pide
Baby spinach, Turkish feta cheese & parsley wrapped in thin pastry, baked to golden perfection & lightly glazed with organic butter
34. Margharita Pide - Kasarli Pide
Tomato Salcha sauce, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil & oregano
35. Kofta Pide - Kofteli Pide
Tomato Salcha sauce, Herbed Turkish lamb & beef mince, finished with caramelised onions, sumac & yoghurt
36. Grilled Vegetarian Pide - Kozlenmis Vejeteryan Pide
Tomato Salcha sauce, eggplant, red capsicum, kalamata olives, garlic finished with charred haloumi cheese & mozzarella cheese
37. Chicken Pide - Tavuklu Pide
Tomato Salcha sauce, charred chicken fillets, mushrooms, garlic & pesto and mozzarella cheese
38. Potato Pide - Patatesli Pide
Seasoned potatoes and spring onion grated and mixed together with parsley, mint & wrapped in thin pastry, baked to golden perfection and lightly glazed with organic butter
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