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Side Dishes


Baked Eggplant - Firinlanmis Patlican (Patlijan)
Slices of eggplant seasoned then baked & finished with our tomato & yoghurt sauce

9. Fresh Green Beans - Yesil Fasulye
Baby green beans & carrot cooked to perfection with our tomato salça (Salcha) sauce
10. Red Kidney Beans - Barbunya Pilaki
Borlotti beans cooked in our olive oil and salcha sauce with crushed tomatoes, carrot, onions, garlic and celery
11. Vine leave Dolma (4 Pieces) - Yaprak Dolmasi
Seasoned rice wrapped with vine leaves & finished with lemon & extra virgin olive oil
12. Pilaf Rice - Pilav
Long grain white rice mixed with lightly fried risoni & cooked to perfection
13. Cracked Wheat Rice - Bulgur
Cracked wheat loaded with finely diced tomato, red capsicum, onion, touch of tomato paste & fresh herbs
14. Mixed Pickles - Karisik Tursu
A great garden selection of vegetables: Green pepper, Carrot, Cabbage, Tomato & Dill prepared in our unique pickle marinate
15. Spinach and Feta Cheese Spring Rolls (2 pieces) - Sigara Boregi
Turkish style spring rolls with traditional feta cheese and baby spinach
16. Char-Grilled Halloumi - Kozlenmis Hellim
Slices of lightly salted halloumi cheese, char grilled and served on a bed of rocket salad, dressed with crushed walnuts and our pomegranate vinaigrette
17. Vegetarian Fritters (2 Pieces)- Mucver
Light and delicate vegetarian pancakes whisked together with zucchini, carrot and dill in a home made egg and milk batter then pan fried to perfection
18. Roasted Red Capsicum (2 Pieces)- Kozlenmis Kirmizi Biber
Delicacies of roasted red capsicum filled with Mascarpone and finished of with olive oil vinaigrette and parsley
19. Lentil Soup - Mercimek Corbasi
Freshly made, this Turkish favourite is a blend of carrot, potato and red lentils served with hot Turkish bread and a wedge of lemon
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