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Seafood and Specials

Pickled Octopus - Ahtapot Tursusu
Slow cooked tender octopus picked in vinegar, garlic & olive oil.


Fish Soup - Balik Corbasi
Cream based velvety & elegant soup made from home made fish stock & blue grenadier

15.0 6.0

Grilled Prawns - Karides Izgara
King Prawns seasoned with lemon pepper, grilled & served on pilaf-rice, finished with a garlic & light cream sauce topped with Rocket


Fresh Calamari - Taze Kalamar
Lightly grilled then mingled with rocket, parmesan shavings, lemon & extra virgin olive oil dressing & our tartare sauce

14.5 / 23.5

Seafood Claypot - Deniz Guvec
Grilled King Prawns, Scallops, Mussels, calamari, fresh tomato, Spinach, garlic, fresh herbs & pesto

Fish Claypot - Balik Guvec
Fresh Atlantic Salmon cooked in a home-style claypot with fresh tomato, Spinach, garlic, fresh herbs & pesto
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